Where to Find the Best Deals When Buying a New Phone

Buying a new phone is great because you get all kinds of benefits from modern technology. Not only do you get the ability to hold more numbers than you can imagine, as well as songs and even pictures and videos, but you also get the ability to do everything short of writing a term paper with the apps available for most phones. Today’s modern phone allows you to do all kinds of things — sometimes at a high price. That’s why it’s worth searching for a great deal on your phone.

If you’re looking for Cricket cell phones, you’ll want to start out online. The best deals are almost always found on the Internet first, and there are a lot of sites out there to tell you how much you should be paying. While shipping can be an irritation, waiting a few days is often worth it to save some cash.

After you’ve gone online, check out the local stores that don’t have their own websites. Every phone store has special deals you might be able to make use of. Sometimes you’ll even find deals on a phone when you buy a plan with a contract. If you don’t want to be fenced in, you can always pick up a phone on a website and see about charging it with some minutes through a prepaid deal. Either way you go on that, you can get a great deal on a phone with all of the features you want, without spending a bundle.

The “New” Kid on the Block

Consumers get so used to seeing certain brand names or products offered by familiar companies that often they pay little, if any, attention to any others that are available. In the meantime, some of those lesser-known companies are quietly gaining on their competition and even pulling way ahead.

This is the case with HTC, a Taiwanese cell phone marketing company. By offering models such as the HTC Desire HD phone, they have started giving the iPhone, which was originally designed and marketed by Apple and is now offered by Verizon, a run for its money.

Part of the reason for this may lie in the improvements and upgrades that have been made on the HTC Desire HD phones. The screen has a 4.3 inch display surface and the sound, both regular and surround, are provided by Dolby Mobile and SRS virtual methods. Download time, especially when it comes to maps, has also been improved. Maps are downloaded quickly with all information available, and data roaming fees are not charged. Besides providing the map, the screen also displays directional arrows, making it easier to follow the route. In addition, the icons that show different points of interest such as ATM locations, restaurants, gas stations, and other places are present on the home screen.

Consumers may also enjoy the “find phone” feature that is available with the HTC Desire HD. By going to HTCSense.com, you are given a signal that pinpoints exactly where the phone is. HTCSense.com also allows you to forward calls from your phone to another number, in case for some unknown reason you don’t have it with you. And, as an extra security precaution, logging on to that website allows you to “clean” your phone of any personal data that may be on there, a feature that can be invaluable if your phone is lost or stolen.

Popular Cell Phone Accesories

Cell phones have acquired their own array of accessories over the years.  From storage devices to chargers and cases, these inventions have helped keep cell phones in working order for longer periods of time.  Here are some of the most interesting cell phone accessories available:

Beanie Chairs that resemble bean bags can house cell phones when not in use.  They display the phones’ screen in an upright manner and many people find this useful.  Alarms, clocks, and incoming calls can easily be viewed while the phone is not in hand.  In addition, scratches and other damage are prevented by the soft, cloth-like surface of the beanie chair.

The iBottle Opener doubles as an iPhone case and bottle opener.  With the thick case accommodating a bottle opener in the back, users can enjoy their drinks at a moment’s notice.  Priced at $20.00 in online stores, people argue that it is slightly expensive given its capabilities.

The Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer, costing $50.00, will help cell phone users feel more comfortable about using their phones.  Phones are some of the most germ-filled devices on the planet, and by reducing these on the phone, customers decreases incidents of illness dramatically.  This invention destroys 99% of bacteria on the phone without harming its hardware or reception.  Germicial UV light makes this possible in minutes.

The Powermonkey Solar Device Charger allows cell phone users to charge their phones without the use of an outlet.  Also, iPods and other small electronics can use this product and will be charged within six hours.  Interesting but expensive, this charger costs buyers $120.00 online.  Because of its compatibility though, people do consider it a useful tool.

Finally, the Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster assists in reception in hard-to-reach places.  It looks like a baby monitor and can be placed on any desktop or convenient surface.  It uses a powerful amplifier to increase reception and, as a result, allows phone calls to remain uninterrupted.

Cell Phone Comparison

Cell phones have become a mainstay for many people.  Because of their convenience, safety features, and of course, the ability to contact anyone from virtually anywhere, customers search for the best phone for a fair price.  Here are some price comparisons of several of the newest and most popular phones on the market:

The HTC EVO Shift 4G is offered at a reasonable price through some companies, and it usually ranges from $110.00 to $130.00 with a contract.  The slide-out keyboard combined with a wide range of additional features is an excellent choice for the cell phone savvy individual.  Complete with a 4 megapixel camera and screen displays that are sure to draw attention, the HTC EVO Shift 4G is sure to assist traveling buyers and family members alike.

Samsung produced the Intercept as well.  Ranging from $40.00 to $60.00 with many contracts, this phone offers a lot for the money.  A three-inch touch screen and a slide-out keyboard make texting and dialing a breeze.  Many customers prefer this phone because it is relatively convenient but does not have all the gadgets that confuse some buyers.  It is an easy choice for those who are looking for an upgrade but do not want something complicated.

Another cell phone, the popular Blackberry Curve, is now offered free with a new contract by many companies.  This phone is becoming a trusted device by many customers as well as companies.  Slimmer designs are favored by customers and this phone features fast internet options and a camera as well.  Application stores and updated ringtones make this phone popular with younger users and families too.

Many plans include free or reduced-rate cell phones when buyers sign contracts for one or two years.  Although many people would rather not sign on the dotted line, they will in order to receive the free phone.

Buying Electronic Stuff Where

For the electronically impaired, buying anything technical can be a difficult and painful experience. More often than not, you end up paying too much for the wrong thing, or you get something that doesn’t work right and you can’t take it back. It gets to the point where you just avoid technical purchases at all costs, because they make your life miserable. Yet, you will reach those unavoidable moments where something will break like your computer, printer, or cell phone. You have to face up to the fact that you must buy an electronic thing, and you don’t know where to go.

Electronic Pathways for Buying

Don’t despair! There is hope for the electronically disadvantaged when it comes to shopping for those electronic gadgets that you just can’t live without. First thing, you have to face reality that in today’s world, you will not be able to live your entire live without buying things like computers and cell phones. You aren’t living in a cave. It’s important to find some trusted “techie savvy” sources that you can go to as your omens for technical information. These need to be websites, technical magazines, or even technical savvy friends and family members. Get some advice before you buy anything. Many stores that sell technical stuff have great hands-on displays. Go and try the stuff out before you buy it.

Things to Check for from Technical Vendors

Before you buy anything, narrow your choices down and check for prices. You can shop online, in person, or even over the phone. Get an idea of how much you want to pay for your new technical gadget. When you start shopping specific vendors decide if you will buy in person or over the internet. It’s critical to check on things like return polices, sales tax, and shipping costs. Some online vendors offer great online pricing but can kill you with shipping fees. Don’t be in a hurry. Give yourself time.

Technology in Your Hand

Remember when the first mobile phones were the size of a large suitcase. Next, they became the size of brief case. Next, you saw phones the size of brick or purse. They just kept getting smaller and smaller. Now, cell phones keep getting thinner and thinner and keep doing more and more. The cell phones of today can do as much as your personal computer. Today’s cell phones are becoming the computers of the general populace. These small mobile communication devices are replacing larger computers in workplaces and homes around the world. In developing nations, they are allowing individuals to have top notch technology and information in the palm of a hand.

Small Mobile Devices are Changing the World

It doesn’t matter what the device is. These small mobile devices are changing the world. So, what’s next? Is it a phone that can make you lunch? People are always guessing at what the next big inroad will be with small mobile devices. You can almost guarantee the move will continue to go towards thinner and lighter. Screens are also becoming more important and users love the touch screen interfaces. People want the ability to visually see and interact with their devices.

How far Will we Go

These devices are part of our world. They allow us to stay connected at almost all times and in all places. It makes one wonder if being connected all the time is necessary. There was a time when phones required wires and computers were the size of buildings. Was life any worse then? This connectivity is great; perhaps, we need to take a step back and decide how connected we want to be and in what ways. When we just accept all technology, we are making a choice. When we choose to turn our cell phone off and only check our face book a few times a day, we are choosing how often we will connect. Connecting is a choice.

Best New Gadgets: The PDA

The Personal Digital Assistant, better known as a PDA, is one of today’s most popular new gadgets. Used by businessmen and college students alike, the PDA can be used in a variety of ways. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, styles and each type offers a huge array of different features.

Choosing a PDA should be done only after researching the many different styles available. The features included on most models will offer everything from a daily organizer to a cell phone. Many models also offer nearly every component a personal computer has, including wireless Internet access, a place to store pictures and music and the ability to send email. After deciding which type suits your needs, do some comparison shopping to get the best price.

One thing to look for when purchasing a PDA is the type of sound quality it offers. If you will be storing and listening to music, games or videos, it’s important that the sound is up to par.This will also be important if you will be using the cell phone feature on your PDA. Also important is the size of the PDA itself. They come in sizes that range from quite small and fairly flat, to larger and more bulky. Rechargeable batteries are another must when choosing a PDA. Most come with a long-life battery, but some companies may skimp on this feature, so it is best to check it out thoroughly before buying so you don’t have the added expense of purchasing a better battery soon afterwards.

Figuring out what you need from your PDA is the most important decision to make before purchasing one. If you simply need it to help you remember dates and times, you will find many styles available. For the more serious user that expects a cell phone, Internet access, fax capabilities, etc., a PDA that has all the options will be a more sensible choice.