Antivirus Software Options

Computer viruses and other degrading material are on the rise.  As more users surf the web and gain access to pertinent information, computers can become infected and eventually stop working altogether.  To protect the computer, owners should install a protection program that guards against malware, spyware, and other viruses.  Here are several of the most popular anti-virus products on the market today:

Freeware, or antivirus software that can be downloaded free of charge, is readily available and can protect computers decently well.  Shield Pro 2006 is one piece of helpful software that includes online help and chat options for those having trouble with their PC.  Viruses are scanned automatically and users can typically expect a remedy for any new virus within five hours.

BitDefender 10 Standard, another protection software item, has been rated highly among users.  It guards against email spam, spyware, and other viruses in addition to providing complete email security.  It comes with one year of free updates and has been repeatedly tested and approved by agencies such as West Coast Labs and Virus Bulletin Checkmark.  Customer assistance is available twenty-four hours a day and technicians can answer anyone’s questions about the product.  Many buyers enjoy the support of these people and feel they can count on them at a moment’s notice.

PC-Cillin my Trend Micro is another form of internet security.  Personal firewalls can be customized to block especially dangerous trojans, worms, and hackers.  This software has the capability of removing phishing scams as well as spyware.  Spyware is destructive to the user because it allows outsiders to gain information about which websites the user has visited.  By blocking this type of virus, users can feel more comfortable about surfing the web and keeping information confidential.

AVG Antivirus has a free downloadable version and is one of the most popular devices today.  It does not offer technical support, but many have found it to be a reliable form of protection.